storing data securely in an insecure cloud

Simple way to have secure and efficient storage in an insecure cloud environment.

If your goal is to store data files or  backups of your data to the cloud and have the security that the data is private, what do you do. There is always the option to encrypt each file stored in the cloud and hope the cloud storage provider does not crack the encryption. Some countries have laws on what data can be stored within and outside of the country.

Here is a simple solution using existing RAID striping technology across multiple cloud providers:
Whether the data is in the cloud or lives on a client user machine the solution is the same.
When the files are saved they are stripped across multiple cloud services that might be operated my various providers. The files are parceled so as to be encrypted / useless to any one cloud host server. Just like RAID protocol you can decide how many servers could be down before the data was not recoverable. This solution not only allows your data to be secure while stored in an insecure environment, off-shored, etc, but having some cloud hosts go down would not effect your ability to access your data.

Last issue, storing the secure data / key to where the pieces of the data are stored and the key to reconstituting the data. This data is small could be stored at multiple secure locations which require security but very little storage space. The result is you can have large inexpensive storage facilities for the data and high security more expensive facilities to store the reconstitution data.

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