Farmers Market fun, great meal, no cooking

Many people love going shopping at the farmers market. They meet their friends, make new friends, have samples, buy all those local yummy goodies. What a great day. The only issue is some people don't like cooking or have time or skill to make something happen with the great products they purchased.

You want the fun of your day at the farmers market and that great meal. You even found some cool recipes on-line (from home or via your smart phone while at the market). Here is how it works. You select your recipes or ask the chef to come up with a recipe based on the ingredients you bought and want to see in your meal. You check in with the chef stand at the farmers market. They take your goodies and a few hours later you pickup your meal (or it gets delivered).

All the fun, nutrition, and non of the cooking or cleaning.


Charles Thomas said...

I like it. But shorten the time to about half an hour and you've got a winner. People could eat it there or pick it up on their way home. Most vegetarian meals wouldn't take much time to cook; the meat dishes could be a longer wait but longer than an hour might stretch the "impulse" buy of the meal.

Adam J. Griff, Ph.D. said...

Good point Charles. No reason a simple dish could not be done within a short-time. If they wanted some elaborate recipe done they found in the NYTimes or Cooks Illustrated then it could be a several hour project.