Henderson's ICYouSee Handy-Dandy Chicken Chart has Moved to Sage Hen Farm

To the Point:
Here is the new address for ICYouSee Handy-Dandy Chicken Chart. To bad the old name no longer has the fun that ICYouSee, assume it was a play on IC being Ithaca College.

I was recently doing a search for my favorite Handy-Dandy Chicken Chart and using my usual key words "Ithaca Chicken Chart" and noticed all these blogs where turning up with the link to the old address for Henderson's Chicken Chart. Hoping you find my blog before going through all the other blogs with the links to error message 404 address unknown. This is a great chart that gives you information about 60 breeds of chickens including their origin (year, location, breeding to create), nickname (Ameraucana aka The chipmunky blue-egger), how rare the breed is, the variety of colors they come in, expected weight, class and type (ex: layer, fancy, meat bird, five toes, bearded, etc), color of skin, color of comb, color of ears, egg color, egg size, egg quantity, time to maturity, ability to withstand cold and foul (or fowl) weather, broodiness, and my favorite behavior characteristics of the breed. This chart has been great for deciding which type of chicken to try out for the backyard.

I'll be providing a video on my blog in coming days on how to sex your duck. Actually, asking the duck its sex and letting it tell you using its own voice aka voice sexing a duck. Other options include vent sexing within a few days of birth, looks easy but can take some practice. The result is you find males and the rest are either females or males you could not EXPOSE. I tried it and found a male and then could not make it happen again on the same duckling. You can also sex them based on the male having the drake feather, the feather that curls up in the air at the back of the duck. Or you can sex them later when they will mount every duck and often chicken they can get a hold of.

I should mention that Henderson provides great links for more information on each breed with the help of the following sites and many more links specific to each breed:

Barry Koffler's Feather Site with some great pictures

Poultry Pages

Live Stock Conservancy - more information on breeds.

Go visit John and support the Henderson's/ Sagen Hen Farm at Ithaca farmers' market, if you are in town.

ICYouSee does live on as John's .org and has the cool chicken drawings

Other of my Favorite Sites:
Great sites for your backyard chickens/ducks

Here is a screen shot, so get on over there and pick out your next chicken breed.

The old address which is no longer valid and will give you the 404 screen as seen below is: