Mobile Wallet Changes default card based on Location/Store/Specials/Business

Many people are using mobile and digital wallets to use their credit cards and discount cards. I'm not currently a user but would become a user with the value add described below.

Some popular mobile and digital wallets include:

One of the features of the digital wallets is to define a default card. One problem is you can only select one default card which is not a solution to the bigger problem. You want to select specific cards for specific stores, store types, foreign currency, for a given period of time, until a dollar amount is reached, business expense, and many more variables. It is time for the wallets to make this process easier.

Here are some examples of cash back rewards credit cards which you might use for different purposes. Some cards have annual fees and others do not so I won't go into that detail. Also, the cash back has changed over time on the cards. The following are the % of the reward based on category and foreign fee is % you pay for using the card in another country/currency:


Credit Card Foreign Fee Default Gas Restaurant Entertainment Groceries Home Improvement Stores Airfare Office Supply Stores Wireless Phone Service
Amex SimplyCash 3 1

Citi Double Cash MC
3 2

Citi Costco Anywhere Visa
3 1 4


Chase Business Ink Visa
3 1 3



Amex Blue Cash
3 1 2


CapitalOne QuickSilver

CapitalOne SavorOne

Now that you have all this information and have a few of these example cards. Why should you have to remember which card to use at each location. Instead when you walk into an office supply store the default should be your Amex Simply Cash, then you go to the grocery store and your Amex Blue Cash is your default, and when you go for a fill up on your Gas powered vehicle (if you have one of those) then the Citi Costco Anywhere Visa would be used. When no special case is found then the Citi Double Cash MC would be used and the CapitalOne QuickSilver when paying in a foreign currency. There are exceptions, for example Citi Costco Anywhere Visa gas does not offer 4% at supermarket/superstores (except at Costco). You might have multiple employers or be self employed and need to switch between these modes based on the situation.

You would rather not have to remember all of this and instead have your mobile or digital wallet give you a little help.

 Here are solutions to incorporate into these wallets:

  • When in the store, save your default card and  that card will be used in the future in that store. Can use location based information to save the default card. Can go a step further and ask if you want that to be the default for all stores with that name (chain of stores). Can ask if you want it to be the default for all stores of that type.
  • When at checkout for a new store, identify the store type (gas, restaurant, groceries, etc), check  against the various cards in the wallet and suggest best card to use. Can lock in a card as your default for that store, that store type, or accept the card selected by the wallet so it can change over time. Some cards offer special category discounts for a small window of time (a month) or dollar amount ($2,000 per year), the wallet can see that special temporary offer and make that card the default for that store type and then switch to a better card when that offer expires.
  • You specify which card to use for each store type with overrides when needed and expiration dates when a card has a short term special or dollar amount for a given store type. Sometimes cards have a discount at a specific store for a short period and you would make that card the default for that specific store over that given period. Some cards have a maximum spend per year on a given category and then the reward rate drops, when the reward drops, a different card with a better reward rate would be made the new default until the new year begins.
  • There are also non-reward issues to address. Some cards have car rental insurance, extended warranties on purchases, travel insurance, etc. Those need to be taken into account when selecting a card or default card for a given purchase type. 
  • Some cards give discount at specific stores or uses - Costco, specific Airline, specific gas station card, etc. Ex: CapitalOne SavorOne has a 5% on Uber Eats through until February 1st 2021 and that same card excludes superstores from the grocery stores.
  • A mode selection feature to select when in personal mode, business mode (more then one business supported to select).

These are complex problems to solve while keeping the user interface simple, yet flexible. Hope this is helpful to the digital/mobile wallet companies to improve their products.


Google Home "Find my phone" is not working and don't use Google Workspace domain account

Do you keep forgetting where in your home you left your phone? Find my phone is a great feature until it stops working, now you have to find your phone, wallet, and car keys without any help. Yes you can use Tile, Chipolo, etc. to help you find those other things, but I digress.

Seems silly to make an entire blog post for this issue but after Google Home support was unable to help and I could not find a solution in their help center or anywhere on the internet, I figured they may be others having trouble.

Below is the link to Google Nest with the basics of getting "Find my phone" to work.


These might be of interest to you:



If you are still having trouble, you may have the same issue I was having. Before giving you my fix, here is a little background.  "Find my phone" was working fine from my Google Assistant enabled device but I was having another issue. Google Home does not like you to use a Google Workspace (previously G Suite) domain account. If you do, many features will not work including what is on my calendar.

I had been using my Google Workspace account with Google Home, so switched to using a gmail.com email address and many features started working. Calendar works but requires some fun settings if you want access to your Google Workspace calendar. Share your Google Workspace user calendar with the gmail.com user and give read/write access. Then in Google Home make that calendar the default for adding to the calendar and make sure to make that calendar visible.

Ok, back to trying to find your phone. Once I switched to a gmail.com account, the Nest Hub and Nest Minis could no longer find my device. I looked through settings and could find no solutions. I then went to https://play.google.com/settings/ and found the problem ... my Google Workspace domain account had my device listed under "My devices" while my gmail.com did not. Found no way to fix this issue, so did the old stand by ... almost like a reboot, hahaha. I removed the gmail.com account from my device and then added it back and this time it showed up under My devices in Google Play and now "Find my device" works. That easy.

Now where did I put my beer.