Window Air-conditioner Noise Shield

Does your window air conditioner drive you crazy on rainy days and nights?
It is a big metal drum with a persistent musician playing away.
If your idea of music while you are trying to work / sleep /etc is not a Haitian or Caribbean steel drum then you had better keep the musician away from the drum.

Assuming you want something quick and easy. Solution is to create a tent that you can place over the A/C unit aka drum. It needs to handle the weight of snow and all that rain.

Try this easy cheap idea with things easy to obtain. Put a tray over the unit at a slight angle with some foam in the tray. The water should get absorbed and flow to the low point. It can then go over the edge onto your favority neighbor walking under it or send it towards the house, down the wall and into your favority neighbors window. At least you will sleep well until they come knocking.

Feel free to comment with your solutions - from wire mesh to slow down the water speed, placing a stell drum over the A/C and let the rain be in tune, to a funny solution on a chat group to create an electric field to scatter away the water. Loved it.