Custom ring tones share with friends

Do you enjoy having custom ring tones for each of your friends and family. You can currently download sounds, music, personally made recordings and use them as your default ring tone or assign that ring tone to a given caller or group of callers. But maybe what you really want is your contact to select their own ring tone. ex: in your mothers voice ... "pick up the phone, it's your mother, I know your avoiding me again" or your hipster friend ... "it's the dude, pick up the phone man" or your hippie friend might have meditative music. Well the wait is over.

You create as many ring tones as you want. They get stored in one of your social network sites or maybe a custom site app which is then added to your phone. Now when your friends look at your contact they see you have a selection of ring tones to choose from. They can keep the default or what they have already chosen for you or select to use one of your ring tones. Using Facebook, Google+, or your favorite site to share and connect with your peeps you can share your custom ring tones. On your Android / iPhone smart phone you might have noticed that you already get extra information about people in your address book that comes from Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Google Voice, and other applications.This same interface is used to allow you to select that ring tone and have fun with every incoming call. Naturally you can select and save your choice or make a link so when your friend changes the ring tone you selected it changes automatically, that could be some dangerous politically incorrect fun the next time your phone rings.

Google Voice can also use this feature to select the announcement of a caller, how cool. Currently Google Voice reads the name to you as it appears your address book (can be funny) or when a caller is not in your address book the caller is asked to say there name and half the time they say "hi dude it" and they get cut off before they say there name and you have that one forever since they don't get a second chance.

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