Clothing/Stuff share co-op for your Stuff

Many of us having a clothing compulsion. We walk into a store and see so many great cloths we would love to have. So, we fill our closets with dozens, if not hundreds of dresses, shoes, shirts, etc. Life is great, ahhhh, we have all the great stuff until ... we go out again and see more great stuff that we don't have and so we buy more until we run out of money or space. George Carlin said it as only he can,  "Sometimes you gotta move, gotta get a bigger house. Why? No room for your stuff anymore." full text version and video.

We don't want to admit it but we soon figure out that we have more stuff then we can wear in a year and maybe a lifetime. I go back to my first sentence. Do we really see cloths that we have to have or are they cloths we want to wear. If you fall into the group that actually needs to have stuff and not the group that wants to wear it then this co-op is not for you. You should click on the direct marketed ads next to this post and buy more stuff. For the rest of you, you have found nirvana on par with a car share or ladder share that you only need once and a while.

Here is how it works:
The clothing co-op will store all your stuff and even catalog it for you with pictures.  Don't have time to clean it, they will do that for you as well. Sounds great but there is more. By joining the co-op and sharing your goodies you get access to a great collection of other peoples stuff as well. So maybe you no longer need to buy all the cloths you will only have time to wear once and instead you can wear other peoples great stuff too. Simply reserve your stuff and other peoples stuff you want to wear. The rest of the time others are welcome to wear them and you do the same with their clothing/stuff. This might remove some of the spontaneity of going into your closets and looking through the hundreds of dresses and deciding which one you want today but wait, you can go on-line or down to the co-op and look at racks and racks of stuff and decide what you want to wear.

Share stuff, get a small house, reduce environmental footprint, work less hours, be happy.

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Kurt D said...

I like the idea, but other people wearing my stuff?? I don't think others would like me sweating in their stuff. I stink sometimes--permanently!! ;)