PDA Smart Phone Stadium Size Display App

The Stadium Size Display App

Here is a great app to add to your various smartphones and PDAs. I'm sure we will find other uses for it but the initial idea for this application is to use to create a stadium size display. Each person in the stadium with this application installed on their phone / PDA will act as one pixel of this large display. They hold there display over their head or facing desired direction depending on the desired viewing (overhead camera for televised, across the stadium for live viewing, etc). Software is then used to change the display color of each phone individually. Can be used to do the wave, show images, and maybe even live video with frame level time sync accuracy.

Details of the application:
  • The client application is downloaded and installed onto the PDA / smart phone (iPhone, Android phone, etc).
  • The client application has a code or url data entered to specify the server to control the application.
  • The client app is then configured to use location information. Either GPS information which can be used if the person is part of a display on the field or in large open field or moving around, etc. For higher accuracy and static position a user id may be specific by the server with the person in an assigned position or coordinate may be entered, for example the seat they are sitting in.
  • The server can then in real time send commands to change the color of the screen on each PDA creating a large mosaic / display. Another option is to send a pre-created sequence to each phone and have all the phones start based on a timer / clock at the same syncronized time.
  • The server software converts the image / image sequence / video to map pixels to phones and distribute the image / pixel assigned data to each device.
Idea was inspired by great food and company on night out with Carl, Sarkis, SOs, friends, and people using their phones as flash lights to read the menus. Good food is usually a critical part to stimulating invention.