Restaurant Concept

A restaurant idea - works best with sandwich type shop but can do it with anything.

Restaurant Name: One Bite Short (captain goes down with the ship)

Every dish is served with one bite missing. The idea is the food is safe since the captain (aka chef) tastes one bite of each dish. The captain shows the food is not poisoned and you won't get sick or die (think of the old food court taster).

I'm for the cute fun of it. Use tools in the back to make it look like a fork or other implement took a piece out of the dish. For sandwiches, big score, something that makes it look like a person took a bite out of it - teeth mouth shaped piece missing.

Rebecca thinks the taster should do it in front of the customer. Making it a good hang out for the mafia and the like. I think the customers won't go for that and same with the restaurant licensing board.

Invention occurred over lunch with input from - Ann, CC, Rebecca, Lera

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Lucien Heart said...

what about a restaurant where the tradition is everyone's first bite is from someone else's plate or sandwich? I really like that.