Facebook - searchable email and communication archive

You have your Facebook account and for many it is creating a great community and way to stay in touch with old and new and never met friends. I use friends loosely. Anyway, many people are switching from email to Facebook for communication and posting and sharing photos / videos and chatting.

For years I have kept some of my old emails and attachments of various medias (essays, notes, audio, video, images). These are an archive of letters and communication with friends. In years before email and computers this information would have been photo albums, home movies, letters, and newspaper clippings.

It is nice to look back years later and have these memories. I was just looking over my 1988 emails between college friends.

Solution - an application aka app for facebook that lets you select what information you want to archive and a local copy can be kept of the information you request be archived. Many things on facebook and other such sites flow from the top of the page to the bottom and is either deleted or simply cannot be located in the large information overflow. There also needs to be an interface to make the information easily searchable - google desktop should do the trick for now.

I believe we need such an system for all of our data since it has the words "our data" and over several decades, there is a good chance information stored on external providers could disappear or go missing. This may happen from companies going out of business or your computer savey 2 year old accidently selecting delete account.

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