new uses for the wii fit board to improve your game through more realistic training

So you have a wii fit board and new software is being released regularly for its use.
Great us for the wii fit is to go back and release many of the sporting games utilizing the board and help as a training tool for the actual sport.
  • Golf - currently users often sit on the couch and flick their wrist to control the golf club. All the input is coming from this one device - fun yes - but does it improve your game. Adding the wii fit board to the golf game allows for feedback about body positioning and shifting of weight through the entire swing of the club.
  • Baseball - like golf the player could swing the bat sitting down. Standing on the wii fit board gives feedback and allows for more realistic swinging of the bat.
  • Tennis - can help with the swing but not as good of an application as tennis is a moving sport.
Sports and activities that involve moving in sagittal and horizontal won't work as well but still have options

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