Direct Marketing via External Devices

It's time has finally arrived. We have seen it in the movies for decades but now it is here. This year you will finally see large screens on highway billboards supplying custom advertising. The screen in the mall and in shop windows will do the same. As you are driving on the highway or walking by a store front, the GPS on your phone will announce your presence and the screen in the store window or billboard on the highway will provide a custom advertisement to you.

Based on your shopping habits and needs it will decide what you should see. Your phone bill is too high, it will suggest a price and switch to a new provider. Walk by the Gap and it will see you last bought pants 2 years ago so time to suggest a discount on pants. Already working is your phone will receive a message with a special offer.

Try to stay calm and not get paranoid about our Orwellian existence.


Kurt D said...

Sounds good to me. I'll just ignore those ads like all the other ads I've ignore on the web for over a decade. :) At least I won't accidentally click on those ads around town like I do with my touch pad and a lazy finger once in a while.

Adam J. Griff, Ph.D. said...

Don't you know it. I expect lots of people to have car accidents when they look up at the billboard and see a picture of themselves with the caption, Kurt, you would look great in these new pants.