Turn your iPhone and other PDA into a video phone

Many of you have purchased your iPhone and other PDA devices to find that the camera is facing away from you when you are looking at the screen. This is not a poor design but instead a conspiracy by the service providers to reduce bandwidth usage. I had an old PDA that had a camera that could be rotated to face front or back and models in other countries have current PDA devices with either 2 cameras or a rotating camera.

We can wait a few years until the new models eventually have cameras facing you to allow for video chat or we can solve that problem today. This is the solution we want to help all the legacy devices and not cause current owners who are not gear heads to have to run out and buy the new model.

This is a simple device that can be manufactured to fit current phones. It can sell for $9.99 on an infomertial or a little more in stores. It is a double mirror that attaches to your phone. The first mirror reflects your image from the front of your phone, where you are looking at the display of the person you are chating with, parallel with the back of the phone to a second mirror that reflects the image into the camera lense on the back of your phone. The double mirror also has the advantage of flipping the image twice so the image is not flipped.

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